Ceramics Workshop with Elli Carr

Tuesday 16 April 7pm

Ceramics Workshop with Elli Carr

Join Elli Carr for a workshop filled with clay, creativity, and the joy of crafting your own unique, Japanese-inspired dishes. Take home not only your personalised stoneware masterpieces but also a newfound appreciation for the artistry that transforms humble clay into functional works of art.

In this unique and hands-on artistic workshop, Elli will explore the art of creating press-molded dishes, both small and large while guiding you through the intricate process of press molding, demonstrating the artistry involved in transforming clay into beautifully crafted dishes.

Discover the elegance of Japanese glaze transfers as you adorn your dishes with intricate and captivating designs. Elli will share her expertise in hand building and guide you through the application of a curated selection of Japanese glaze transfers.

This workshop is designed for all levels of experience, from beginners eager to explore the world of ceramics to seasoned artists looking to enhance their skills.

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